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On-line U.S. Resident Application for the English Center

The following information will be sent directly to the English Center when you press the “SUBMIT” button. You will still need to mail or fax your financial certification information. Your I-20 and acceptance letter will be sent to you only when we have received the financial certification and application fees.

Please be sure to check the certification box at the end of the application, just after the credit card payment. Checking this box is the same as our signature on a written application.

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US$50 Application Fee

* I certify that all the information provided on this form is correct and complete. (Checking this box serves the same purpose as signing and dating a printed version of this application form.)

Acceptance documents will not be sent until we have received the application fee. The Admissions Office may request that you appear in person at the English Center to provide additional information. To make an appointment, please call (510) 836-6700 ext 131 or 122; or email

The English Center
7700 Edgewater Drive
Suite 540
Oakland, CA 94621
Phone (510) 836-6700

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