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  Policies of the English Center Board of Trustees

General Board Policy Statement

Members of the Board of Trustees shall hold a philosophy which is congruent with the Statement of Mission of the Center and shall express a willingness to fulfill the duties of being a Board member, which shall include but not be limited to attending the regularly scheduled meetings of the Board, reviewing policy of the Center, serving on a committee of the Board, and contributing generously within their means to the financial support of the Center.

The Board shall be composed of not fewer than nine (9) members. Members are selected because of their belief in and commitment to international education and the advancement of international women and men in educational, social, political, and economic sectors. In addition, the Founders of the English Center may serve on the Board and its committees as non-voting, ex-officio members whenever and for as long as they so choose.

The term of office shall be for three (3) years. To insure continuity, no more than one-third of the terms of office shall expire in any one year.

The Board holds 4 regular meetings a year. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed. A daylong Board/Staff retreat for planning purposes is held at least once every three years, more often if necessary.

Expectations and Duties of Board members


  • Attend all regularly scheduled Board meetings and the retreat.
  • Serve on at least one (1) of the Board committees (see below).
  • Spend approximately five (5) to ten (10) hours per month on Center concerns.
  • Attend any public event sponsored or organized by the Center.
  • Share an interest or extra-curricular activity with one or group of students at least once yearly
  • Advocate for the Center in your personal and professional life.

  • FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Make a generous yearly donation within your means, participate in Center fundraising activities, and at a minimum, send the annual appeal letter to friends and other potential donors. Support the Board Give-Get policy for fundraising.

    MISUSE OF AUTHORITY: No member of the Board shall take any public action on behalf of the Center or claim to represent it without having been authorized to do so by the Board or Staff.

    CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Each Board member is expected to be aware of potential conflicts of interest in the course of Board service. In the case of a conflict of interest, a Board member must disclose the conflict/potential conflict and must not vote on any matter that involves a conflict between his/her personal interests and the English Center interests.

    WHISTLE BLOWER POLICY: All board members must comply with the State of California Labor Code provision which encourages board members to notify an appropriate government or law enforcement agency if they have reason to believe the English Center is violating a state or federal statute, or violating or not complying with a state or federal rule or regulation.

    Description of Standing Committees (Other committees are formed as needed and participation is encouraged.) FUND RAISING/DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE: responsible for raising money to meet the Center’s fiscal year budget and for promoting a positive image of the EC within the community it serves.

    BUDGET AND FINANCE COMMITTEE: responsible for planning, developing, and monitoring budget proposals.

    PERSONNEL COMMITTEE: acts as a liaison between the Board and staff in employment practices, personnel policies, and support to volunteers.

    PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT & EVALUATION COMMITTEE: in cooperation with the staff, monitors and evaluates current programs, and develops, receives, and evaluates all new program proposals to address the long term goals and objectives of the Center.

    BOARD DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE: responsible for identifying and interviewing potential new Board members to be presented to the full Board for evaluation, conducting elections, and identifying skills needed in Board members.

    MARKETING/PR: develop the Marketing outreach plan to reach potential customers and increase student enrollment.

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    7700 Edgewater Drive
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